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Throughout 2019 «BORWOOD» Holding of woodworking industry enterprises was actively improving the quality of plywood production.

Thus, taking into account the latest industry requirements in Germany from Chemikalien-Verbotsverordnung (EN 16516 and EN 717-1 standards) and IKEA (IOS-MAT-0181 standard), the Holding enterprises were among the first to be tested for compliance with the stated requirements. Supporting documentation is available in the respective section on the «BORWOOD» Holding website. The tested products have a special conformity mark on their labels: CVV: ChemVerbotsV (German) testedaccordingto EN 717-1.

In addition to the above standards, BORWOOD plywood is in compliance with STB, CARB, EPA and IKEA standards. It is also worth mentioning that all manufacturers of the Holding have valid FSC certificates, and declarations of compliance with EUTR requirements. All documentation is available in the Certificates section.

The key to the strength and integrity of plywood is high-quality glue and properly prepared wooden raw materials. Specialists of the «BORWOOD» Holding carried out large-scale research and improved the recipe of «Gomeldrev» JSC glue. The new composition completely eliminates the delamination of plywood after cutting it into billets. The practice of using chopped veneers in the production of low grades of plywood was also introduced. These improvements enabled to eliminate internal shortage of veneer (emptiness). In addition, the conditions for steaming timber were changed to minimize veneer defects on the front layers of plywood. The above steps undoubtedly led to an increase in the grade factor of the produced plywood.

«BORWOOD» Holding enterprises are on the same page with each other. Based on the demand research, additional settings of grinding equipment were made to allow the production of calibrated plywood. The allowance is adjusted on request of each individual order. This option is also available for lower grades of plywood.

Special attention is paid to loading and transportation. An individual scheme for packaging plywood with the use of MDF or plywood covers is currently available, as well as the increase in the number of strapping tapes available by request.

One of the basic aspects of the «BORWOOD» Holding is the production of high-quality products that meet the current needs of the market. Production enterprises together with the managing company of the Holding will continue to work on technical specifications and the organization of a high level of service in all production areas.

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