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The enterprises of the Holding of woodworking industry organizations «BORWOOD» demonstrated high export performance for the last year. In total, the JSC «Belarusian Forest Company» as a single export operator of the Holding, supplied for export in January-December 2019 products for more than 155 million euros which amounted to 95% of the company’s annual turnover.

In 2019 the JSC «Belarusian Forestry Company» expanded the geography of portfolio product deliveries to 53 countries, adding to the list of customers companies from Vietnam, Greece, Iraq, Cambodia, Morocco, Thailand and Switzerland. The main sales markets were traditionally Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Azerbaijan.

We also saw an increase of deliveries in natural units. The most noticeable growth compared to 2018 was registered in supplies of furniture panels (225%), laminated floor coverings (126%), wood fiber board (125%) and particle board (114%). We noted an increase of around 107% in the sales of insulation fiberboards, MDF/HDF, timber and plywood.

The JSC «Belarusian Forest Company», being a single export operator of the BORWOOD Holding, is aimed at supporting the export sales growth tendency and expanding the geography of supplies. We scheduled a number of activities in 2020 aimed at consolidating positions in the sales markets where we are currently selling our products and entering new high-margin markets.

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