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Insulation boards

Insulation boards

Thermal insulation boards made of wood fiber «BELTERMO» - today it is the most effective and environmentally friendly insulation material. A unique feature of this material is the creation and maintenance of a comfortable indoor microclimate, regardless of external conditions: both in heat and frost conditions, from dry to humid climate. Due to its properties and the availability of a number of modifications, thermal insulation boards «BELTERMO» comprehensively ensure a high level of energy efficiency of the building.

 Advantages of thermal insulation boards BELTERMO:

  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • High level of sound insulation;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • ПFire safety (Euroclass (E) according to EN 13501-1);
  • Easy installation;
  • The possibility of recycling.
Техническая информация
570-1250 mm
800-2850 mm
20-60 mm (TOP);
20-160 mm (ULTRA, FLOOR, INSTAL);
30-180 mm (MULTI, SAFE);
30-200 mm (ROOM);
40-240 mm (KOMBI).
200 kg/m3 (TOP);
180 kg/m3 (ULTRA);
160 kg/m3 (FLOOR);
150 kg/m3 (INSTAL);
140 kg/m3 (MULTI,SAFE);
130 kg/m3 (ROOM);
110 kg/m3 (KOMBI).
Предел прочности при растяжении
7-30 kPa
Общая информация
BELTERMO presents an insulating fibreboard that is obtained by pressing wood fiber of coniferous trees with a small addition of a polymeric binder. Various types of insulation boards BELTERMO allow comprehensive insulation of all types of building structures: roofs, walls, roof beams, ceilings, floors.

General characteristics:

Declared thermal conductivity -  0,37-0,043 (W/m*K);
Water vapor diffusion resistance factor - 3;
Declared level of airflow resistance - 50-100 ((kPa*s)/m3);
Specific heat capacity - 2100 (J/(kg*K));
Fire class (according to EN 13501-1) - E;

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