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Laminated MDF

Laminated MDF

Laminated MDF (LMDF) has all the advantages of MDF, while providing a large selection of decors. Due to its characteristics, LMDF is suitable for the manufacture of furniture, interiors, exhibition equipment, decor finishes. LMDF can be laminated on one or two sides, both with monochrome coloring and woodgrain decors.

Advantages of LMDF:

  • Long service life;
  • Hygiene;
  • Affordable price;

Стоимость формируется исходя из выбранного типа материала
Условия поставки
Сертификаты EN
Техническая информация
2800 mm, 2440 mm
2070 mm, 1830 mm
6-30 mm
700-900 kg/m3
Разбухание за 24 ч.
8-45% (depends on sheet thickness)
Предел прочности при изгибе
16-28 N/mm2
Предел прочности при растяжении
0,5-0,7 N/mm2
Класс эмиссии формальдегида
E1 - less than 8 mg/100g (STB EN622-1)
Общая информация
The board is made by dry pressing of wood fibers of deciduous and coniferous woods at high pressure and temperature. As a binding element, carbamide resins modified with melamine are used, which ensures a very low emission of formaldehyde (class E1). Any lamination options are possible according to the Customer’s request.
Standard background decors:

  • white;
  • red;
  • platinum;
  • vanilla.

Standard woodgrain decors:
  • Walnut Ecco;
  • Oak Belford;
  • Alder Mountain;
  • Walnut Italian;
  • Walnut Don;

Условия поставки

Export sales are done exclusively by JSC «Belarusian Forest Company». 

Minimum order quantity: 1 truck. The specific volume in m3 depends on the selected loading scheme that is based on the product type and its dimensions. Small shipments across Belarus (up to 1 truck) are possible directly from the manufacturer’s plant. 

Payment terms: 100% prepayment. Specifications are valid for 30 calendar days from the day of signing. In case of price change in the period of specification validity JSC «Belarusian Forestry Company» shall send a corresponding notification to the Customer 15 days before the date of the price change.

Delivery period specified in a contract: 30 working days. Possible delivery terms are FCA, DAP and CIF. Shipments are done by means of trucks, railway carriages and containers.

In order to start collaboration with us, please send an application to the Sales and Marketing Department by email sales@wood.by or fill in the online application form directly on the product page.

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MDF/HDF leaflet
MDF/HDF leaflet
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