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Delivery to any region

Delivery to any region

We already work with more than 50 countries all over the world and this list is constantly updated.

High product quality

High product quality

We provide high quality thanks to high-grade raw materials and state of art equipment. The quality is confirmed by certificates.

Wide range of products

Wide range of products

In our catalogue you will find woodworking products for any purpose: from construction to furniture production.

Areas of application

Woodworking products have received the widest application in various fields – thanks to the environmental friendliness, wear resistance, easy processing, reasonable price and a wide choice of finishing.

All areas
Building Building


  • Under roof space;
  • dropped ceilings;
  • floor insulation;
  • isolation;
  • frame house construction.
Containers and packaging Containers and packaging

Containers and packaging

  • Boxes;
  • pallets;
  • casing;
  • floor covering.
Door Production Door Production

Door Production

  • Door base;
  • door panel cladding;
  • panel-type elements ;
  • stiffeners;
  • вinternal filling; 
  • semi-finished doors.
Furniture Production Furniture Production

Furniture Production

  • Cabinet and office furniture;
  • facades, decorative boards;
  • skirting boards, tabletops;
  • furniture rear walls;
  • joiner constructions.
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering;
  • shipbuilding;
  • shipbuilding.
Outdoor constructions Outdoor constructions

Outdoor constructions

  • Billboards;
  • outdoor fencing.

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Product quality is confirmed by certificates of international and regional standards.

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