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Laminated MDF
Laminated MDF (LMDF) has all the advantages of MDF, while providing a large selection of decors. Due to its characteristics, LMDF is suitable for the manufacture of furniture, interiors, exhibition equipment, decor finishes. LMDF can be laminated on one or two sides, both with monochrome coloring and woodgrain decors.

Advantages of LMDF:

  • Long service life;
  • Hygiene;
  • Affordable price;

Sanded MDF
MDF/HDF boards present a material with universal technical characteristics (with high strength, thermo - and moisture resistance). The material is not subject to the formation of fungus and mold. Today MDF/HDF is a high-quality alternative to natural wood in furniture and door production. Due to the high quality of production and the use of safe raw materials, MDF/HDF with emission class E1, E0.5 is used in various fields: interior architectural forms, door and furniture production, etc.

Advantages of MDF-boards:

  • Long service life;
  • Homogeneous structure;
  • Easy processing (well sawed and milled);
  • Good sound insulation;
  • The ability to use various types of processing and finishing (dyeing, varnishing, masking, post-forming, etc.);
  • Hygiene;
  • Affordable price;

Thin MDF/HDF is easy-to-handle: the material can be used raw or painted, it is easily sawn and milled.

The finished board has a two-sided smoothness that makes it possible to apply various coatings on both sides. We use paint as a coating. The board can be painted in one color or can be wood grained.

Surface glitter can be:

  • matte,
  • semi-gloss,
  • gloss,
  • сsuper glossy.