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borwood_eng.jpgThe Holding of woodworking organizations “BORWOOD” celebrated its 3rd anniversary on 10 June 2019! This short period was very intensive and significant for the beginning of a long journey. Exactly 3 years ago we combined the experience of manufacturers and loggers, wisdom of managers and a fresh look of sellers in order to move the Belarusian woodworking industry to a new level!

We are constantly working to ensure that cooperation with us is as convenient and productive as possible. Since the founding of the Holding, we managed to introduce a single pricing and marketing policy, we build a clear system of raw materials procurement and selling finished products and created a single brand “BORWOOD” for all our products.

Today BORWOOD Holding presents:

  • its own logging company, 9 manufacturers with a century history, a single center of commercial activity and a strong management team;
  • this is high quality, confirmed by certificates of international companies;
  • 10,000 employees are working every day to ensure that our clients receive quality products on time;
  • these are hundreds of customers in 49 countries around the world;
  • passionate team that is focused on results.

We are grateful to our Customers for their trust! We appreciate the contribution of each employee to the development of the BORWOOD brand and Belarusian woodworking industry! Together we are ready to conquer new heights!

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