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On the 21st of June The Development Bank celebrates its birthday! In 2011, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 261, the Development Bank was created as a specialized financial institution, the main purpose of which is to develop a system of financing state programs and implementing socially important investment projects.

In honor of the significant date in the assembly hall of the central office a solemn meeting was held with the participation of employees of the central office and branches. Chairman of the Board, Andrey Zhishkevich, in his congratulatory address to the Bank’s staff, noted that today it is difficult to imagine large investment projects that are implemented without the support of the Development Bank. ‘The Bank is actively fulfilling its mission and the tasks assigned to it. But I am primarily proud of the results achieved by the Bank’s employees. I thank the team for their professionalism, solidarity, dedication and a sense of high responsibility. It is your daily efforts that write the chronicle of the Development Bank, in which there will be many more bright pages. The Board of the Development Bank made a proposal to create a “Board of Honor” in the central office - an annual good tradition and the highest form of intrabank reward, which carries public approval and recognition of personal contribution to the successful work of the Bank’.

Банку развития Республики Беларусь 8 лет!

The Development Bank thanks partners and customers for the many congratulations they received at the Bank. We are grateful to you for the constructive and trusting relationships that contribute to our long-term and fruitful cooperation.


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