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Following the Regulation No. 995/2010 of the European Parliament and Council as of 20.10.2010, all operators selling wood products and wood materials in the EU countries are required to monitor the legal origin of wood. This regulation applies to suppliers and manufacturers from the country of wood origin. The Holding of the woodworking organizations «BORWOOD» fully complies with international requirements – all manufacturing and trading enterprises of the «BORWOOD» Holding buy only legal raw materials and products and have corresponding declarations of compliance with the EUTR requirements and valid FCS certificates.

To ensure the possibility for our customers to have permanent access to certificates and provide the required information to the regulatory authorities in a timely manner, «BORWOOD» Holding members prepared relevant declarations and a register of wood origin sources and also organized the information exchange process with timber suppliers through which they are ready to promptly provide information on a specific supply chain upon request.

For this purpose to provide customers with convenient access to FSC certificates, we created a new section on the website «Legal origin of wood, FSC, EUTR» where you can find information on the FSC certificate of each member of «BORWOOD» Holding with a link to the FSC International website for quick tracking of the appropriate certificate. In this section you can also download the declaration of compliance by EUTR manufacturers.


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