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подробно.jpgIn January-March 2019, the JSC «Belarusian Forest Company» exported the products of the BORWOOD Holding enterprises to the CIS and non-CIS countries for the amount of 36.2 million euros that is 1.2% more than for the same period of the previous year. The top five importers include Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Azerbaijan.

We saw a significant increase in export of the furniture board (+ 96.9% as compared for the same period of the previous year), wood chips (+ 60.7%), laminated flooring (+ 59.3%), sawn timber (+ 25.9%), insulating fiberboard (+ 21.6%) and MDF boards (+ 20.7%).

The JSC «Belarusian Forest Company» acts as a single center of commercial activity of BORWOOD Holding and centrally sells the products of 9 Holding manufacturing enterprises to the foreign market. The share of the JSC «Belarusian Forest Company» export for the Q1 2019 was 95% (41 countries).

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