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Belarusian Forest Company JSC began the new year with new discoveries. In January 2021 supplies of thin coloured MDF produced by Borisovdrev JSC to Bahrein were started. Thin MDF produced by Borisovdrev JSC long ago gained popularity with our neighbours, Russia and Ukraine – the largest countries of supply. During 2020 this product was also actively supplied to Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova). In total, the geography of supplies of Belarusian Forest Company JSC covered 52 countries in the last year. The share of exports was 93%.

Thin MDF/HDF by Borisovdrev JSC is produced according to the standards CARB 2.0, EPA TSCA, IKEA IOS-MAT-0181, CVV (EN16516 EN717-1) and has a low formaldehyde emission class E1 and E0.5. The board has a high density (MDF - 800-850 kg/m3, HDF - 850-900 kg/m3, HDF NS - more than 900 kg/m3), HDF NS is able to endure high stress in dry conditions. A detailed description and technical specifications are available in the section «Thin MDF».