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Thin chipboard
Thin chipboard presents 4-8 mm thick boards that have high bending and stretching strength due to three layers with various dosing of chips and adhesive composition. Thin chipboards are applied for the production of furniture being safe for health (low emission class - E1). It is also widely used in the manufacture of environmentally friendly packing and wrapping materials.

The advantages of thin chipboard:

  • Simple processing;
  • Affordable price;
  • Scratch resistant;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Chemical resistance;

Laminated chipboard
The laminated chipboard has all the advantages of chipboard. A large number of colors are available upon request. Modern production technology makes it possible for the surface to gain the properties of thermosetting plastic with high resistance to mechanical and chemical impacts..
Sanded chipboard
Polished chipboard (DSP) is treated as one of the most popular type of material in the furniture industry. It can be used both raw and with lamination.

Advantages of chipboard:

  • High strength and rigidity;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Easy processing;
  • Affordable price;