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Last Saturday the team of the BORWOOD Holding Management Company consisting of the organizations of the woodworking industry once again proved that it is much more interesting to plant trees than to cut them! On April 13 within the Republican campaign «Forest Week», employees of the BR-Consult Unitary Enterprise, headed by their leader, planted young pines, spruces and birches together at the State Forestry Organization «Pukhovichsky Leskhoz». Beautiful weather, clean forest air and 1.6 hectares of ready young forest. Perhaps in about 100 years they will give an excellent laminated chipboard, but now it is the future pine forest - the lungs of our planet. Let Belarus grow and prosper!

Холдинг "BORWOOD" сажает деревья в ГУО "Пуховичский лесхоз" в рамках Республиканской акции "Неделя леса"
The organizer of the campaign is the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus. The main purpose of the event is to promote a respectful attitude among the population to one of the main natural resources of the country, strengthening the ecological, economic and social role of forests. This year's event is dedicated to the Year of the Small Motherland and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders.

Холдинг "BORWOOD" сажает деревья в ГУО "Пуховичский лесхоз" в рамках Республиканской акции "Неделя леса"
In the Republic of Belarus forests are one of the main renewable natural resources and the most important national wealth. Forests and wood resources are of great importance for the sustainable socio-economic development of the country, ensuring its economic, energy, environmental and food security. According to a number of key indicators characterizing the forest resources (forest coverage of the territory, area of ​​forests and storage of growing timber in terms of one inhabitant), Belarus is among the top ten forest states in Europe. Details can be found on the web resource www.mlh.by

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